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SculpSure® Laser Body Sculpting Treatments

sculpsure for fat resistant to exercise and diet

The Institute is pleased to introduce, SculpSure, the 1st laser treatment to reduce pockets of fat safely without surgery or downtime. 90% + satisfaction rate and over 1,100 procedures administered to date. Main treatment center is in Doylestown, PA. Also serving patients at their King of Prussia office.

The Institute for Laser and Aesthetic Medicine (ILAMED) is one of the most experienced Laser Centers in the Greater Philadelphia Area performing SculpSure laser body sculpting.

Benefits of SculpSure

  • Proven Safety
  • Easily tolerated by patients
  • Fat destruction is permanent
  • Less expensive than the alternative CoolSculpting treatment! (Our Promotion Package: $500 off a four applicator treatment)
  • Dr. DeBias is one of the top physicians in the region performing body contouring and skin tightening procedures
  • Impressive results – both fat reduction and skin tightening
  • Short 25-minute procedure
  • No downtime
  • Results appear after four weeks, optimal results within three to six months
  • Works on all skin types



Promotion Package ~ $500 Off a full 4-applicator set

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SculpSure Reviews

Real feedback from patients of The Institute.

Experience a More Effective Alternative to CoolSculpting

SculpSure vs CoolSculpting

Are your body shapes and curves as desirable as they used to be? Do you feel that your past desirable curves have given way to increasing fat bulges and a less attractive body shape? Do you watch your diet and exercise regularly, only to be frustrated by continued fat bulges in unwanted areas?

Up until recently, the only option for non invasive fat reduction was a freezing method (CoolSculpting) which was uncomfortable, time-consuming, and less impressive with results. In fact, due to the hours of treatment necessary for any results, many offices were applying two devices at one time to reduce treatment time even though this was not FDA cleared to do.

THE ICE AGE IS OVER! Finally, we have a game changing device that is SAFE, requires minimal treatment time (25 minutes), and is comfortable with impressive results. SculpSure treatment is now a highly sought out procedure for non invasive body sculpting and fat reduction and is heating up the competition!

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-approved laser treatment for non invasive reduction of fat of the flanks and abdomen. In one comfortable 25-minute treatment period, this gentle laser SculpSure treatment not only reduces fat cells but encourages the stimulation of collagen resulting in overall skin tightening of the area treated.

If you want to lose belly fat or other specific areas of fat of the abdomen or flank regions, the SculpSure treatment may be your best option for fast, effective, and permanent fat destruction.

Dr. DeBias, having decades of experience in aesthetic medicine and the owner of over 65 laser and light sources, is one of the first physicians in the Greater Philadelphia Area to offer this revolutionary new device for laser body sculpting.

SculpSure vs Fat Freezing

Learn about the advantages of using heat over fat freezing methods for body sculpting and fat destruction.

How it works

  • SculpSure involves a lipolysis device that applies applicators and contouring frames which are customized in a variety of configurations to meet patients needs.
  • This innovative light-based technology elevates dermal temperature and targets stubborn areas of fat.
  • Heat and cooling temperatures are alternated to optimize patient comfort.
  • Fat cells are eliminated through gastrointestinal and lymphatic systems.

Before and After SculpSure

SculpSure Before & After

Individual results may vary depending on a number of factors. Also note, SculpSure is not designed for weight loss, but to lose fat volume.

See what SculpSure body sculpting can do for you!

For more information, contact us at or call us at 215-230-1804 and we’d be glad to assist you.

Other Body Sculpting Treatments

Vanquish vs SculpSure

Vanquish ME uses radio frequency energy. SculpSure uses a laser.

Vanquish ME fat removal


CoolSculpting tempts to eliminate stubborn fat by freezing it.  It can take up to 2 hours and is uncomfortable for most patients. CoolSculpting used to be a dominant non-invasive fat-reduction procedure, but now SculpSure has taken over.

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Learn more about SculpSure which is made by Cynosure, or visit the SculpSure site.