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Active FXTM Laser Skin Tightening

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Active FXTM treatments are the most desirable and high satisfaction rated procedures at The Institute!

In 2004, Dr. Glenn DeBias innovated the first ever fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing protocol, known worldwide as Active FXTM.

Since, Dr. DeBias has performed over 20,000 FX facial laser skin tightening treatments.

What is Active FXTM?

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Active FXTM is a 7-10 minute procedure utilizing a fractional CO2 device to resurface facial skin primarily. The procedure is also performed on neck, chest, arms, torso, and legs.

It is the GOLD STANDARD fractional laser treatment for face and neck skin resurfacing and laser skin tightening.

The most dramatic rradio frequency skin treatment faceesults involve the 3 T’s – Texture, Tone and Tightness of the facial and neck skin.

*The CO2 laser has a 25-year track record of delivering dramatic results and refreshment. The Active FXTM procedure is still considered the most dramatic laser treatment requiring minimal downtime.

Active FXTM offers a safe and natural result helping people look the best they can for their age.
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Other Benefits of Active FXTM

  • Dramatic Results in One Week!
  • Quick procedure
  • Reduce pore size, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Tighten and sculpt cheeks, jowls, and neck skin
  • No cutting, no needles, and no bruising
  • Softens deeper frown lines
  • Diminish unwanted pigmentation
  • Remove skin irregularities to promote better skin texture
  • Gold standard for acne scarring resurfacing

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Cost of Active FXTM

The introductory cost of a full face Active FXTM treatment is $895.

Candidates for Active FXTM

Teenagers up to patients in their 90’s are ideal candidates for this procedure. ActiveFX is a desirable solution for individuals who want to reduce the signs of aging and refresh their youthful skin appearance. Teenagers treat their acne scarring and breakouts.

Better Facial Skin Rejuvenation Protocols = Optimal Patient Skin Health and Refreshment

Both men and women have visited Dr. DeBias to experience the gold standard for laser resurfacing. This treatment has been especially popular for individuals between the ages of 40 and 70.

How do Active FXTM laser treatments work?

The epidermis (outer layer of skin) sloughs off and, as a result, the new epidermis is smoother, tighter, and more even in skin tone.

Furthermore, the dermis (deeper layer of skin) produces more collagen leading to thicker, stronger, and firmer skin support.

With fractional CO2 laser skin tightening, only a fraction of the skin’s surface is treated by the laser, leaving small “bridges” of untouched skin. This technique makes the healing process much faster and enables you to get back to normal activities sooner.

Before and After Active FXTM

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*Individual results may vary depending on a number of factors.

Offsetting the “downward spiral” effects of aging

The goal today is to achieve your best skin health for your present age. Combined with this is a skin health regimen to maintain this best look despite ongoing aging.

In order to attain this goal, Dr. DeBias combines both the use of the most highly innovative technology AND a discernible artistic eye.
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See what Active FXTM treatments can do for you!

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